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where R is the reduction factor, A con is the phage titer of the control, and A exp is the phage titer after exposure to a particular organic solvent, pH, or temperature. 2.2. Phage genome characterization2.2.1. Genome sequencing and assembly. Phage genomic DNA was extracted from 2 ml of purified phage suspension (10 9 PFU/ml) as previously described (Sambrook et al., 1989).

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  3. harris-l.gif (1297 バイト) Front Panel Display of Harris R-2368/URR receiver LF/MF/HF-SSB Synthesized Receiver Specifications from technical manual.

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DC Power Using a BK Precision 1786 lab power supply, on receive the PRC-104 draws 0.16 Amps and on transmit the current varies a lot with voice peaks, maybe 1.6 Amps average, but the peaks might.

specific equipments are from the Harris RF-350 family and mission areas since the setting table in the R-2368 receiver technical manual Wad messages were .

Items 1 - 50 of 125 Harris 10043-6036 16uH Inductor, Tube Dia 9/16, 12 Turn Harris RF-382A-15 Fast Tune Automatic HF Antenna Coupler with Ancillary Kit & Manual Harris RF-590 / 590A / RF-591A / R-2368 / R-2368A Preselector, .