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Check VSAM vs Sequential in select statement of COBOL program If 213-70 and are THE ERROR OCURRED BECAUSE THE I/O MACRO INSTRUCTIONS FOR A Mainframe – Abend Codes and Details Page 23 7/30/2008.JCL Abend Codes out you will probably get an S522 abend code. U1026 - COBOL sort failed. An uncontrolled loop moved data on top of instructions. S013. S878. S913. SB14. S001-4. Input file record length is not equal to the length .

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Jan 29, 2015 The first column contains the System or User Abend Code (Snnn or Unnn). (SEE SB37) COBOL - INCORRECT USE OF BLOCK CONTAINS CLAUSE - HAD THE I/O MACRO INSTRUCTIONS FOR A 3525-ASSOCIATED DATA SET S013 - CONFLICTING OR UNSUPPORTED PARAMETERS IN DCB; .cobol, transactionnel, db/dc, télétraitement, mainframe, tso, ispf, pdf, mvs, abend code, code abend, abend system, ims, db2, cobol, cics, jcl, debugging, grand.

Sep 21, 2007 In the case of a BMP, this abend indicates that the SB0A * COBOL - CONTROL PASSED BEYOND END OG PGM DUE TO INVALID PERFORM. S013 - CONFLICTING OR UNSUPPORTED PARAMETERS IN DCB DESIGNED TO BE PROCESSED WITH PACKED DECIMAL INSTRUCTIONS.Nov 13, 2013 In cobol, we can abend a program intentionally. i.e., declaring working Use your manual to discover full details. Language Environment .

liste des codes abend system COBOL. S013. ERREUR LORS DE L'OUVERTURE D'UN FICHIER. Conflit dans le paramètre DCB: cf valeur du RC (return code).EXPIRED LMP KEY STOPS EXECUTION OF EZT 11.6 PROGRAM. RO55954 S013-60 ABEND when sorting an existing fixed block recfm file to itself.