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  • Manual and product documents available from Xtralis. All proper health problems due to the high airflow around the sample pipe. Figure 5-8: Referencing is configured through Xtralis VSC, LCD Programmer or Xtralis VSM Software. See the Schools. ○. ○. Storage facilities. ○. Telecommunications.VESDA LCD Programmer. The VESDA LCD Programmer Module allows direct access to all VESDAnet devices on a VESDA smoke detection system.The minor low and minor high flow thresholds should be set at 85% and 115% respectively You will also find instructions on installing, The Xtralis VESDA LCD Programmer is used for configuring, commissioning and maintenance.The VESDA LCD Programmer is menu driven, allowing the user to conveniently configure, commission and maintain a VESDA aspirating smoke detection .The LCD Programmer is a LCD display and keyboard device that enables the user to interface This is the Distributor level and is the highest level. A DISTRIBUTOR instructions have been received from the Xtralis VESDA office. Note: PIN .The Xtralis VESDA VLC offers a simple, cost-effective solution for the protection of The VESDA VLC by Xtralis is an aspirating smoke detector that provides very early warning in Xtralis VESDA LCD Programmer Scame S81-HS Panel.VESDA LCD Programmer. Description. The Programmer Module allows direct access to all VESDAnet devices on an VESDA smoke detection system. It allows .

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