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Two versions of each manual are available including Web Client User manuals and Basic/Advanced Admin manuals. Click on the links below to preview sample chapters and indexes from the DocuWare 6.10 manuals.

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DocuWare is the comprehensive, complete solution for securely archiving business documents of all types, making them available in a flexible way, and using them efficiently.

  1. By removing the tedious, manual tasks that drain your team’s energy, your knowledge workers are free to focus on the projects that drive productivity and profit. Set a new pace for business with DocuWare office automation solutions.

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  3. Dear Corinne, please have a look to our Developer Network at the partner portal. You can find all manuals there. You may also look into Web-Client integration.

  1. DocuWare Web Client supplies all the tools needed to use documents productively, directly from your browser. Windows Explorer Client provides the familiar options of Windows file management to access DocuWare file cabinets. They appear as separate folders within the Microsoft file system. Drag and drop files into file cabinet directories from here or store them in a file cabinet folder.

  2. Introduction 9 Search Dialog ID DocuWare Configuration System File cabinets File cabinet x Dialogs Search Document ID Search in the Web Client for a document.

  3. DocuWare.

Examples DocuWare 6.9, all Server- and Web Components incl. Internal Database on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard,without Fulltext Minimal Requirements: CPU Cores: 2 x 2,0 GHz (DocuWare) + 2 x 1,4 GHz (Internal Database).

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DocuWare Web Client provides world-wide access to archived documents. 01 03 2008 Go to Article. Display.