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favorite this post Frederick Post #1460 Versalog Slide Rule and Manual - (Kickapoo / Peoria) hide this posting Up for sale is a Post 1460 Versalog Slide Rule with leather case. The slide rule slides firmly as it should. The sliding glass cursor has no cracks on either side. The slide rule is marked with the original user's.great numbers of slide rule enthusiasts, collectors, and users with whom the Society is not The Post Versalog II 1460 has these 24 scales: LL/0,K,A,DF.

Nov 26, 2017 Post-branded slide rules were initially produced by a range of German manufacturers, The Versalog Slide Rule: An Instruction Manual (PDF).Buy ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

  • POST VERSALOG 1460 Hemmi Japan Slide Rule and Manual VINTAGE SLIDE RULE, FREDERICK POST Model # 1460, VERSALOG HEMMI This slide rule is in excellent great working order and slides smoothly with no looseness. It has no cracks, stains, or warping. The guide is clear, undamaged, and slides slide rule 1447 instructions Versalog Slide Rule Instructions Vintage Post 1460 Hemmi Versalog Slide Rule with Original Leather Case Japan. Vintage FREDERICK POST CO. 1447 Slide Rule HEMMI JAPAN w Post 1447 Slide Rule Manual POST Versalog 1460 slide rule - w/ case, box instruction manual + Vintage.

  • This instruction manual has been written for study without the aid of a teacher. However The Post Versalog Slide Rule has 23 scales, located and arranged.In my opinion, the Versalog cases were the best of any available in their day. This one is very nice. Also included is an original 119 page Hard Cover manual (circa 1963) "Versalog slide rule instructions" and all documentation shown in the photo. The manual is in Excellent condition. There are no extraneous marks noticed.

  • Of course, slide rule manuals do not list thousands of formulas. idea that I found in the Post Versalog Slide Rule Instructions, Frederick Post Company.My love affair with the Post Versalog started a long time ago. The first log-log rule I ever got was a Versalog, the "green cos" variant, serial number 124729. I found it cheap at an antique mall, and the very next week found the hardcover manual for it at a different place.

  • THE VERSALOG SLIDE RULE An Instruction Manual by E. 1. FIESENHEISER, B.S. M.S. C.E. cori(1ilions. The owner and user of the VEItSALOG Slide I riltt will I)() gr:it,ilicd to Imow th: The Post Versalog Slide Rule is among the finest of such computing instruments. Its design.Post Sliderule Instructions - 1441, 1444, 1447, 1452. Teledyne Post Chicago For the Teledyne Post model 1460 Versalog II (new logo) by George John Zanotti .

  • Slide Rule: Post Versalog No. 1460 Hi, I now have a Post Versalog 1460 sliderule with leather case, in perfect condition. It was my late father-in-law's, an engineer with Ethyl Corp. in Baton Rouge, LA. The case looks like it was never used. I am an earth scientist (geophysicist).Post called this slide rule the 'Versalog II', although this name appears only on packaging and manuals and is not imprinted on the rule. Several labeling changes accompany this addition. About June, 1973. The last Post Versalog II is made. The first Teledyne-Post Versalog II (new model number 44CA-600) appeared a little before.

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While Post usually sold standard Hemmi models, around 1951 Hemmi created The Versalog Slide Rule: An Instruction Manual (Chicago: The Frederick Post .Sun Hemmi Slide Rules. The premiere slide rule made by Hemmi, this model is better known as the Post Versalog 1460 (this specimen is actually the second version for the original Versalog model, generally designated as Ib). Interestingly, this version of the HO Versalog manual is in French, and was clearly prepared for the French.

In 1950 and 1951, three Illinois Institute of Technology engineering professors participated in the development of the Versalog slide rule, manufactured by Hemmi of Tokyo, Japan, for the Frederick Post Company of Chicago.Slide Rule Manuals. Slide Rule Manuals: Frederick Post. Post Versalog Slide Rule Instructions - An essential slide rule text. An excellent introduction to any slide rule. The 'charts' are really a sort of slide rule in that the user can set the internal discs to align with the equations of the problem at hand.

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Post Versalog Slide Rule Instructions(1963) For the Post 1460 by E.I.Fiesenheiser Frederick Post Company Chicago, Illinois 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", hardbound, 114 pages: To be scanned: M75 Teledyne Post Versalog II Slide Rule Instruction Manual and Applied Text (1970) For the Teledyne Post model 1460 Versalog.Apr 25, 2005 Collection of downloadable slide rule manuals. Instruction Manual for Bruning 2398 Slide Rule. There are 18 Post Versalog Manual.

Hemmi Duplex Slide Rule Retailed by Post (Versalog 1460) Hemmi Duplex Slide Rule Retailed by Post (Versalog 1460) Previous. Next The manual for this slide rule says nothing about positioning the cursor. I’d tend to doubt that there is a correct top or bottom (or front or back).These were extraordinarily successful slide rules; the 1460 Versalog appears on Frederick Post catalogs and price lists, various instruction manuals and other .