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There are two major differences between OCaml and Haskell. I've heard 'Professor Frisbee's Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming' is ok, but .I feel like OCaml is a language that has a lot of potential, but is hampered by somewhat gnarly syntax, a toolchain that feels utterly antique (for example, last time I worked with it, the REPL had no Readline support and had to be run with rlwrap), and lack of a good killer.Nov 26, 2018 But OCaml's static types are a completely different kind of type. no-fuss documentation generation, great concurrency/parallelism story, .

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Last updated: 6 Jan 2017. As part of my OCaml Labs research project, I implemented a new macro system for OCaml, based on a design by Leo White and Jeremy Yallop It is mainly an effort to make a “compile-time MetaOCaml” , with additional subtleties to try and make the programming experience as pleasant as in MetaOCaml.This the official User's Manual. It serves as a complete reference guide to OCaml. Updated for each version of OCaml, it contains the description of the language, of its extensions, and the documentation of the tools and libraries included in the official distribution.I will do a "Show HN" soon on Hacker news, they like Ocaml. LinuxFr is also a nice place, with known french people like gasche. I any more ideas of where to post, please suggest.

Home Hacker News New top story on Hacker News: Tezos and Ocaml: A self-amending cryptographic ledger New top story on Hacker News: Tezos and Ocaml: A self-amending cryptographic ledger health.OCaml seems awesome and I wish I could use it more, but don't underestimate has ocamlmktop https://caml.inria.fr/pub/docs/manual-ocaml/toplevel.html#se.I recently got into OCaml (and ReasonML) and wrote a blog post with my experiences. Docs: http://caml.inria.fr/pub/docs/manual-ocaml/libunix.html .

OCaml is a great language. We looked really seriously at using it at my startup for some critical things a while ago, when the company was very young, because some of the team knew it and we were inheriting a small.The OCaml system is the main implementation of the Caml language. It features a powerful module system and a full-fledged object-oriented layer. It comes with a native-code compiler that supports numerous architectures, for high performance; a bytecode compiler, for increased portability; and an interactive loop, for experimentation and rapid development.Rust-style resource management in OCaml 83 by winter_blue | 17 comments on Hacker News. https://ClusterAssets.tk.

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Unix system programming in OCaml (2014) 159 by jxub | 17 comments on Hacker News. https://ClusterAssets.tk.RECENTLY I've been paying attention to the BuckleScript compiler from OCaml to JavaScript (ES5, to be exact). I'm seeing some significant advances that it brings to the state of the art, and thought I would share.Aug 26, 2017 I would never depend on anything OCaml-based on it unless it could be Moreover, a lot of these tools lack proper documentation, and it's .

Next, we need to install OCaml’s compiler building tools - OCamlLex and Menhir. There is an excellent chapter on Parsing in the Real World OCaml book which is a good introduction to using these tools.js_of_ocaml – Js_of_ocaml is a compiler of OCaml bytecode to Javascript. It makes it possible to run Ocaml programs in a Web browser. It makes it possible to run Ocaml programs in a Web browser. commonjs_of_ocaml - Easily import and export CommonJS modules from a js_of_ocaml project.OCaml (formerly Objective Caml) is the main implementation of the Caml programming A type-inferring compiler greatly reduces the need for manual type annotations. Since 2011, many new tools and libraries have been contributed to the OCaml Facebook, which developed Flow, Hack, Infer, and Pfff in OCaml.