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Some extensions, such as RenameUser or CheckUser , add new rights which can be configured and assigned in the same .Nov 26, 2018 For help in using Special:UserRights, refer to Help:User rights and manager or other stuff that should be able to change user's groups, you .For instance, when a new user is added to a project, he/she will be added in the user, autoconfirmed and email confirmed Mediawiki groups. This is fully transparent for both users and project adminstrators, and there currently is no way to create a custom mapping from the Mediawiki service.Dec 23, 2017 Help:User rights and groups - help page describing use of the Manual:User rights - how to create groups or change the rights given.

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Sep 17, 2018 Allowed actions for authorized users depend on the permissions Edit control, including restrictions on manual edit access when using .26 Nov 2018 This page is a translated version of the page Manual:User rights and the translation is 4 List of permissions; 5 List of groups; 6 Default rights.Special:ListGroupRights – links to this help page and might contain not yet documented rights; Help:User rights and groups – help page describing use of the Special:Userrights interface (for bureaucrats) Handbuch:Einstellungen für Benutzergruppen in MediaWiki – information about managing and the assignment of user groups.Nov 24, 2018 User rights and user groups form the backbone of MediaWiki's user permissions system. User rights give you permission to users automatically as required. Only the last three groups can be manually assigned or revoked.

I just created a wiki with no edit rights for normal users, but i'd like that has all of the default permissions that the user group.Manual:User rights. Groups can then be assigned to (or removed from) users through the Special:UserRights special page. See Help:User rights and groups Access to this interface is itself governed by the userrights right, so only users in the Bureaucrats group can do it (in a default set-up).Nov 26, 2018 User rights are specific access and ability permissions that can be assigned to customizable user groups. Groups can then be assigned to (or .You can make a new one; Help:User rights#Managing groups gives an example of this by Nevrmind -> Manual talk:$wgGroupPermissions#Link to groups.3F .